Charley Boorman Interview

11th Oct 2011 9:30 am

What is the reason behind the live shows?

I’ve always done talks at BMW Garages about the Long Way shows and Race to Dakar, and they were so well received, it seemed a natural progression to move the idea forward to a full on evening show. I have great fun meeting the audience and connecting with them – I do a session at the end where I can chat to people and sign stuff etc. I love it, and am always pleased to see that people will come out to hear my tales of adventure! It’s very humbling!

If you had to describe your occupation today, what would it be, adventurer, author, fundraiser...?

Well, I have been described as all those things, which is great as I like to have an adventurous and busy life! I’d really like to be known as being a ‘modern adventurer’ and part of a team that’s created some great TV shows, and I will aim to continue doing that.
I am also really proud of my charity work being an ambassador for Unicef and Help for Heroes, and I’m also president of Dyslexia Action. Having dyslexia myself, I think it’s an issue that’s often overlooked and there’s a sort of misunderstanding that people who have dyslexia are not clever, which is just not true!
I’m also a passionate supporter of Movember, having myself been diagnosed with testicular cancer, I’ve some scary moments biking around the world, but nothing quite prepared me for cancer.

Do you get nervous or do you like the audience interaction?

Well yes I do get nervous, but I think some nerves help you to up your game. I think the adrenaline can help trigger you to think ‘come on, let’s do it’! The audience make the evening; the interaction with them is key. We have a Q&A at the end quarter of the show where people can ask questions and have some banter.

What can people expect from the show?

Put simply, it’s a bit of a chat show about my life. Being the son of a famous film director, John Boorman, was always going to be an adventure! So I’ll talk about my life as a youngster and the whole Hollywood thing, then move on to meeting Ewan and how we created the Long Way idea. We have a big video screen and show some classic clips from the series, and also some behind the scenes footage! I’ve got some really exciting projects coming up as well which I can’t wait to share with everyone.

What do you hope people will get out of it?

I think people will get to know me a little more, and hopefully see how ordinary I am. I’ve been very lucky to do the things I do, but really anyone can do this stuff – I’ve just been fortunate to make a career out of it. You don’t need to be a super man or woman to get on a bike and go around the world, if a couple of actors can do it then anyone can! Hopefully I’ll trigger a spark in someone in the audience who just goes home, buys a bike and then plans a trip! I like the idea of that happening.

What’s in the pipe-line?

Well, the life of an adventurer, actor / film maker is always a little unplanned, you can go this way and that way, but for sure we’ve got some great things on the horizon. I’ve just got back from my ‘great big African adventure’ from Cape Town to Victoria Falls, and next year we’re extending the run from Cape Town all the way through to Kenya - a mega adventure! My Extreme Frontiers ‘Canada’ show will be airing early 2012 and then we have another TV show lined up for filming in 2012. And of course we have this speaking tour running from October to December. It’s all a bit full on, but hey, I’m not complaining, I’m a lucky man!

You can see Charley Boorman at City Hall on Sunday 23 October, 7.30pm. Find out more here


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