Blake Support Act Announced

16th Dec 2011 10:30 am

We are pleased to announce that The Cadbury Sisters will be supporting Blake at City Hall next year.

Cheltenham is famous for many things not least The Cadbury Sisters.

Direct descendents of the original Cadbury family, sisters Jessica, Mary and Lucy are accompanied by guitarist Tom Mitchell.

Brought up on a farm and educated in Cheltenham, the three sisters have always loved making music together and began their musical career performing at open mic nights in and around Cheltenham.

Accompanied only by two guitars, it is the poetry within their music that makes the Cadbury sisters different from the rest, each song telling a personal story.

The girls have had their whole lives together to draw on for inspiration, and it is this that resonates through their music.

Mary says, ‘Writing is a very organic experience for us; every one of our songs is about something that has happened to one of us, our songs usually come out of the blue and it’s truly magical when all our creative energies come together. Undoubtedly being sisters makes that creativity more intense, and, luckily for us, gives us an unlimited store of things to write about.’

Jessica continues, ‘We love writing about all kinds of different experiences and as three normal young women who have all been through the torments of learning to be comfortable in our own bodies, we would love to be able to inspire other women and remind them that life is too short to worry about things like size and shape. We are three healthy happy girls and we want every girl to be the same.’

The girls have been compared to 2011 ‘Best Female Solo Artist’ Brit Award winner Laura Marling, a London based folk singer who has been a huge inspiration to them all.

Blake will be performing at City Hall on 26 April 2012, find out more here


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