Raring 2 Go Review - A Bird In Your Ear

18th Apr 2012 2:00 pm

Raring 2 Go Freelance Writer Heidi Cox

On the 3rd of April, my four-year-old boy and I embarked on a huge adventure that began with an exciting bus ride into Salisbury, followed by a sausage roll from the bakery (always a must in our household), culminating in a trip to see the latest children’s show stopper, ‘Bird in Your Ear’ at City Hall.

Having arrived early, we managed to retrieve our tickets and stock up on jelly babies before finding a perch to sit and wait in eager anticipation for the grand event to unfold. My son sat holding my hand, drinking in the atmosphere, which grew louder and more electric by the minute. Hordes of children joined us in the foyer before being ushered excitedly into seats within the main auditorium.

Within minutes of being settled, two exuberant characters, Chip and LJ burst onto the stage requesting the ‘Loudest Hello in the world’. The children, eager to please, did a fantastic job that left my ears ringing. The subsequent, ‘quietest hello’ was perfect bliss in comparison; and so the mood was set for some serious audience participation.

Chip and LJ were gifted storytellers, acting out tales written by children ranging from age 4 to 11 years old, which have been collected from around the country during their travels. All the stories have a moral thread running through them, all of them brilliant in their own way. With dancing, singing and even some puppetry, this was a show that left their young audience enthralled from start to finish. As for me, a cup of tea will never be the same again and I’ve learnt that washing lines are an amazingly diverse piece of kit!

Light hearted, humorous, with a moral compass, this is a production not to be missed. At the end of the show, for those children feeling sufficiently inspired to write their own story, a sticker with a website link is given out, encouraging them to try and produce a tale that could one day be used on the tour. To find out more, check out www.flapyourfeathers.com.

Thank you City Hall for a great show and for making my little boy smile.

More fun can be had at City Hall on Tuesday 30 October when Hairy Maclary & Friends come to town!

1.30pm and 3.30pm shows available. More information here


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